About The Alex Turner Trilogy

BothBooksDownStories of good battling evil are older than the first human walking on land. Our fascination for tales of courageous exploits, daring adventures, of heroes and heroines spent in a cause greater than one’s own life predates humanity for wasn’t the first fish who flipped out of the oceans heroic? Wasn’t that first guppy gulp of air that it took, its gills bellowing like mad, a courageous display of legendary effort?

If my story isn’t original—and nothing we think or do is original, for it’s all been done or thought before—then it must be unique. What makes us unique? Our character traits, woven into our DNA, are either concealed or revealed by adversity. There are small, frightened boys who will, nevertheless, show bravery and tenderness, whether the mite lives in a poor African village, the violent slums of Detroit, or a wealthy chateau in France. There are clever, inventive, honorable young girls: they can be found in India’s and London’s ghettoes. They can dwell in abject poverty in the Appalachians or a Beverly Hills mansion.

So where does our DNA, that string of genes which all living beings have, actually come from? The stars.

We descended from those celestial orbs, gifted by the gods to human life. The traces of those magical remnants course through our veins as a life force. Each person is as unique as a singular star. The heavens would be less for the absence of any bright, shining point. The strength of our beauty lies in our numbers, yet it also lies in our solitary, blazing lives. A life well-lived is rewarded with a seat at the High Council table, complete with a splendid view of all other events, situated in celestial surroundings.

So this is my tale, humbly offered, to delightfully swirl the stardust in yourselves. It is a story of Alex Turner, his younger brother, Dillon, and their tight-knit group of friends and how they rescue our planet from the evil clutches of greedy, selfish souls who have lost their way. It is a warning for those who are awash in the less-desirable elements. My novels are a vindication to those called upon to be valiant and bold. They are a stirring cry to save those who are redeemable and a mournful lament for those beyond saving.

It is a rousing yarn, outlandish and impossible, and could never actually happen…

Or could it?

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