Love and friendship are the most powerful elements in the universe, according to Tracy Dunn, so naturally these are the subjects of which she writes. She laughs too loudly, is afraid of heights, and can’t distinguish a flowering plant from a weed, making her a terrible gardener. However, Tracy’s an excellent and loyal friend.

Tracy decided her characters would have a healthy dose of her own qualities injected into them. So, Alex Turner is a hot-head, but has great leadership skills. Dillon is the clown who has a pure heart. Martina Stinson is an athlete, while her brother, Chase, is a brainiac. Hannah is a brat, always second-guessing herself and coming up short when compared to her sister, the paragon, Catherine. Each character has been stamped with Tracy’s inventions, either learned through life experiences or dwelling in her fertile imagination.

Tracy married Adam Dunn and they live in Valley Center, Kansas with their two sons. Most weekends, the family is busy running to sports events, going camping, or playing videos. Tracy’s favorite way to unwind is to read or visit with friends either in person or through social media.

Throughout the week, one can usually find her sitting at her dining room table, typing on her laptop, her concentration frequently interrupted when her cocker spaniel, Petey, demands to come in or go outside.

Tracy loves traveling to new places, having a particularly fondness for ocean views because they’re a novelty for those born and raised in Kansas, which is flat and land-locked.

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