The three Gorgon sisters, cursed to have their hair transformed into a crown of snakes were Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa. Medusa is by far the most popular and glamorous of the sisters, but she was beheaded by Perseus. The other sisters, Stheno and Euryale, were cursed, changed into gorgons with snakes for hair, and transformed from beauties to beasties. Stheno and Euryale are immortal, which is why I’ve included them in my book, Alex & the Immortals.

To understand the complicated relationship that usually exists between sisters, it is wise to keep in mind that no one will be quicker to defend you than your sister. Alternatively, no one will be quicker to smack some sense into you (literally or figuratively) than a sister. Sisters can be similar to one another or complete opposites—so much so that it’s a wonder the two girls were raised in the same continent, let alone household, together.

I’ve chosen to have Euryale and Stheno share some qualities, but have different personalities, opting for a pairing that maximizes benefits. In some versions of mythology, it is only Euryale who has the ability to gaze at a person and turn that poor soul to stone. Honestly, that’s such a cool talent, though, I couldn’t let Euryale hog it all to herself! So she shares that ability with Stheno. This is also why the gorgon sisters have to take care to always wear sunglasses when they’re around people they don’t wish to petrify.

On the other hand, Euryale is more practical with a slight edginess about her. Her sarcasm plays right along with Martina’s and Charybdis, so you have to be on your toes or she’ll whizz a zinger over your head, just as fast as she can send a spike to the middle of your forehead if you’re breaking the three rules of Telepathy.

Of the two gorgon sisters, Euryale is by far the more likely to keep her temper in check. Her personality is more even-keeled and calm. She understands human nature much better than her flibberty-gibbet sister and makes allowances. Although Euryale can be deadly, a person is more likely to survive one of her attacks than Stheno.