As I’ve imagine Gabriel, my favorite amongst the Arch Angels, he is tall, broad-shouldered, with red, curly hair. He wears a purple silk shirt (purple being the traditional color previously worn by Royalty), cargo pants, and a ruby ring the size of a golf ball. I started my story with Gabriel because who doesn’t love a redhead with curly hair? It’s very pleasing to my eye, the way it captures the light and bounces it back to the viewer. For my purposes, Gabriel is a handsome red-headed man. Just keep in mind that he needn’t be a guy; he needn’t have red-hair.

Gabriel isn’t the only Arch Angel; he’s one of a group. Some believe Arch Angels have particular strengths, say one is better at healing, one is better at battling. I understand this concept, as I understand that people have unique traits, as well. Why should angels be so different for us? Then again, why wouldn’t angels, endowed with the spark of Divinity be vastly different from us poor louts on Earth?

There is no definitive answer to how many Arch Angels there are; in fact, no one knows how many angels there are, period. It is unknowable. Some religions say the number of Arch Angels is three, some say seven, some say one, some say many more. I’m not going to argue about this. The answer is whatever you wish it to be. You have a right and an obligation to use your imagination as you see fit. Do so.

Gabriel, as an Arch Angel, acts as a messenger and an exceptional communicator. Gabriel inspires us and helps us to overcome fears and procrastinating tendencies. As an author, you can see how invaluable these assets are as you’re plotting story lines.

Also, Gabriel’s name means “strength of God” or “God is my strength.” Once I decided to put an Arch Angel in charge of a hundred youth from Kansas then sent them into outer space, wouldn’t he need all the strength he could get? Strength, perhaps, from a divine source?

Enjoy my character, Gabriel. He’s lovely.