Raphael is another Arch Angel, a close friend to Gabriel. He’s a physician, famously known for healing the traveler, Tobias.

For my story, I pictured him to be a surfer, fluent in “Dudism,” the laid back, descriptive language of beach goers. Because Kansas is a land-locked state in the center of America, anything having to do with oceans and surfing is completely foreign. I wanted Raphael to be unfamiliar so the Kansas warriors didn’t get too comfortable about him. I want them thrown off just a bit, so they’ll keep on their toes.

Raphael (who will never answer to ‘Ralph,’) has shaggy, brown-hair and wears board shorts and flip flops. He always wear green t-shirts because that’s the color that best promotes healing, but he’ll wear different hues within that color. Raphael has a bronze circlet of the Caduceus worn on his upper arm. He’s got dozens of woven friendship bracelets because he never meets a stranger—he always becomes a friend.

Every woman adores him, every man admires him. He’s the chummiest of the Arch Angels and never puts on airs. He’ll often visit humans just to chit-chat. Unfortunately, Bellerophon took advantage of Raphael’s friendly nature and convinced him to let him eat Manna and drink Ambrosia, the food and drink of Immortality. Gabriel was very displeased upon learning of this, but quickly forgave Raphael for his mistake; however, Raphael knows better than to make that error twice.

Raphael’s name means “Healing Power.”