Stheno’s name means “forceful” and she’s killed more people than either her famous sister, Medusa, and Euryale combined. Stheno’s snakes are red—as hot as her temper and she has scales and a protruding tongue. The lagging tongue problem came about due to her nefarious forays into illegal telepathy. Any spy has to contend with a certain amount of discomfort and the gorgons are no exception. They have tried mind-reading against unwilling victims and have suffered the consequences of those actions, so when they warn the warriors against following their example, they certainly know what they’re talking about—Stheno and Euryale are not innocents.

Knowing this, though, I chose to endow Stheno with some very ‘innocent’ qualities. She is a feminine kind of gal, the type who loves manicures, pedicures, and sparkly jeans. If her snakes weren’t allergic to feather boas, she’d wear one about her neck like an infinity scarf just to add a dash to her outfit. She’s the baby of the family and a bit spoiled by their parents. She’s prissy, dainty, and totally lethal.

Stheno is not the kind of woman to cross. She will cut you. Not only would she dice up her enemies, she would set them on fire. Stheno, in full temper, is an extraordinary, horrendous sight to behold. Being turned to stone might be the kindest things to happen to her victims if she’s throwing a Class A-1 hissy fit.

She can hold a grudge for centuries. The only way to get off her bad side is to offer her chocolates—lots and lots of chocolates.

Then run away.

Very fast.

And don’t look back.