Switcher is an Immortal human. He surrendered his mortality to follow a loved one who had crossed from the Mortal Realm into the Immortal Realm. That loved one was his son, Bellerophon, who leapt from one realm into the next without permission. Because of his trespass, Gabriel cursed him, stipulating that Bellerophon could not again surrender his Immortality until he held something sacred. Because Bellerophon chooses to be stubborn and resists holding anything dear, he has wandered aimlessly throughout the realms for a couple millennia.

His father, Switcher, is a shape-shifter and he and his son share this talent. Switcher, as a good parent, does what he can to steer his child in the best direction by showing love and discipline. However, it’s no secret that Bellerophon’s selfishness has hurt Switcher deeply. Still, a father will live for his children; a mother will kill for hers.

Switcher is a family man and it surprises the Kansas warriors to discover that he has a family of his own, on the Isle of Man. His wife, Isabell, is mortal and Switcher will adore her for as long as she lives, but he knows that she will outlive him, as have all his other wives. It’s a very lonely existence, being immortal. Switcher has also become a father again, this time to a little girl named Agenta, which means ‘Pure One.’

While a parent will sacrifice nearly everything for his/her child, it is impossible to ask a father like Switcher to sacrifice one of his children for the other. The son he has followed for thousands of years is just as loved as the daughter he’s had for six years. How can Switcher love either of them less? It’s impossible. Switcher’s heart will be torn in two, as surely as Charybdis’ body is a walking dichotomy.