The warriors are divided into ten squadrons. Each squad has its own sentinel, or winged horse, to protect and guide the squad members. Many people refer to the sentinels as Pegasus, but actually, these sentinels descended from that legendary winged horse.

Alpha’s sentinel is Georotus, a silvery-blue stallion with white tail and mane. He’s well-educated and speaks in a formal manner, as I imagine a butler would speak (having known no butlers, I can’t really say for sure). The only time he unwinds a bit is when he gallops across galactic skies. The best thing about Georotus is how much he loves and appreciates Chase, Catherine, Martina, Hannah, Dillon, and Alex—just because. Is there a better way to be adorable? I think not.

Every herd needs its mother figure and for this task, I called upon Pericles, the Beta’s sentinel whose sable-brown coloring is absolutely smashing. She likes to keep everyone in line. A very organized mom. Strange creature, indeed.

Deltas have Sophocles, the mare, as sentinel. She’s glossy black and quiet; sometimes people mistake her for being shy—she isn’t. She simply chooses her words carefully before speaking, an admirable quality which eludes me completely.

Stathis is Georotus’ mother. Her mate is Theapatus. Stathis is sentinel for the Omega squad. She’s silvery white, athletic and loves to “horse around.” Get it? Loves to horse around? Stathis could probably do stand-up comedy or soccer exhibitions if she ever needs to make a living.

Apollo, the palomino stallion, has coloring similar to the Greek God, his namesake. He belongs to the Pi squadron, but has allowed the squad to get ‘uppity’ by insisting it be called Squad 3.14159 instead of plain ol’ Pi. Coincidentally, the squad members celebrate March 14th every year by eating different kinds of pies.

Gamma’s sentinel is a mare named Ambrosios, who possesses loving qualities. Naturally, whenever one of the sentinels becomes upsets, it’s Ambrosios who comforts him. “Ambrosia” also means, ‘nectar of the gods,’ so it makes sense that this particular female speaks honeyed words to soothe those in distress.

The Chi squadron’s sentinel is called Annas, a mare with a white coat, tail, and mane. Annas is physically fit and competitive. At the writing of this book, she was going crazy over the latest Chinese exercise fad.

Haimon watches over the Epsilons and is extremely distraught throughout this book for what he perceives to be his failure to keep his squad safe. He’s brown, nearly drab, but by no means should he be considered ‘down and out.’ Haimon, like most of us, I suspect, perseveres in times of great troubles. Adversity merely reveals the depth of his character.

Georotus’ father is Theapatus, sentinel for the Kappas. He joined his son in the Battle of Esperanza when the warriors defeated the Dark Amoeba and the Dark Master near the Antarctic Peninsula. He’s silvery-blue and loves Stathis, his mate, very much. He’s a devoted family man.

Lamba, another horse whose coat is pure white, is a stallion. He’s the sentinel for the Thetas. Lamba and the Thetas don’t have starring roles in Alex’s stories; rather, they’re working usually behind the scenes propping everything up and lending their support so that others may shine. They’re the unsung heroes, but I beg you, never make the mistake of assuming they’re common, for the Thetas are quite, quite remarkable. They are, in fact, my favorite kind of people.